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PR 101 For Everyone

Calling for startups founders, entrepreneurs, aspiring PR people, Comms practitioners or just anyone who wants to know how to strategically get the word out and not paying a bomb to do so.

Let's leverage on the power of Public Relations (PR)! Learn from Yan Lim, CEO of iOli Communications or better known as PR Evangelist among the entrepreneurial and start-ups ecosystem, Yan helps the start-up community scale their businesses by educating the market through workshops and trainings to better understand the need of PR in today’s age of business and leverage on PR to create awareness about their businesses without creating a big hole in their pockets.

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 Traditional PR vs. Digital PR: What You Need to Know

Public Relations

According to the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), public relations is defined as a strategic communications process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics. An “organization” can be can anything from a brand, company, or an individual. There are two forms of public relations, traditional PR and digital PR, which are differentiated by tactics, including the way these relationships are built and the channels in which they reach their audience.

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6 Common Mistakes of DIY Public Relations

As a public relations expert, I’ll let you in on a little secret -- you can do it yourself.

I can, naturally, also explain why you should not do it on your own. Frankly, there are many, many good reasons not to. Like most things you may be able to pay for, carpentry or air travel for examples, it’s usually best to pay a pro.

Still some people chose to go it alone. And whether by bravado or lack of funds – let’s face it, entrepreneurs can’t always afford even entry-level PR support – I’ve seen plenty of people try. That means I’ve seen the DIYers make some pretty basic mistakes too. Here are six frequent mistakes entrepreneurs and others make when doing their own PR that you’ll want to avoid if you try to do it yourself:

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