Public Relations 101 for Everyone

Calling for startups founders, entrepreneurs, aspiring PR people, Comms practitioners or just anyone who wants to know how to strategically get the word out and not paying a bomb to do so.

Let’s leverage on the power of Public Relations (PR)! Learn from Yan Lim, CEO of iOli Communications or better known as PR Evangelist among the entrepreneurial and start-ups ecosystem, Yan helps the start-up community scale their businesses by educating the market through workshops and trainings to better understand the need of PR in today’s age of business and leverage on PR to create awareness about their businesses without creating a big hole in their pockets.

1. So what exactly is PR? 

2. How to plan a basic and yet effective PR campaign as a startup?

3. How to identify your image as it stands?

4. The difference between PR, Advertising and Marketing.

5. Know your audience. Identify them.

6. Finding angles for news stories.

7. The basics of writing a good press release that will be picked up by media (including hands on training). 

8. The how’s of responding to news stories that affect you.

9. The who’s who in the press.

10. How to approach media (pitching).

11. Learn how to manage the press (media relations).

12. What not to do!

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